C V Truss is a floor and roof truss manufacturer. We have been in business for 10 years! We service the San Joaquin Valley, Central Coast, Bay area, and High Desert area. We supply trusses for tract homes, custom homes, Multi-family, hotels, and commercial buildings.

We have a very experienced sales and design staff that can handle any project. We take pride in our product and stand behind it. We build a quality product at a competitive price.

Roof Trusses

We manufacture a
variety of shapes and sizes.

We can build trusses
up to 70’ long.

Here’s some profiles
of trusses we can build.

roof trusses

floor trusses

Floor Trusses

Are you building a 2-story house or multi-level apartments or hotel?

We manufacture 4×2 open web floor trusses that make it easy to install electrical wiring, duct work, or any kind of conduit thru the webbing of the floor truss.

The depth can be from 11 ‘/4” up to 36” deep and 40’ long.

Design and Engineering

We use Alpine, the industry
leading design software.

Alpine software and engineering
is a great tool for 3-d views and
X-sections when designing a complex roof.

Our design staff is the most
experienced in the industry.